Navigate pregnancy and birth with grace and confidence.

You may be feeling nervous about the changes in your body, the changes you know you'll need to make in your life, and what your birth experience will be like. You can do this!

An olympic runner has a coach to guide, motivate, and empower them to achieve their goals. Think of me as your coach, helping you to get to the finish birth to your child.

Birth Doula Support

Here is what to expect when you hire me as your doula:

24/7 on-call support immediately, meaning I will be available by text, phone, or email, until you go into labor.

Education about your birth options. Help finding the pregnancy and new parent resources you want or need.

Emotional and physical support during labor and delivery. Ideally in person. (Covid precautions may limit in person hospital support.)

Postpartum support until feeding is established.

Help transitioning from the hospital to home.

If this is your first, you may feel overwhelmed by all the choices available to you, the decisions you need to make, and unsure about what to do, or what you know you don't know.

If you have a child or children already, you may remember how much you and your partner needed doula support.

You may feel nervous about what will happen in labor and if you be able to handle it.

You can do it. And it will feel really good to have me there supporting you through your pregnancy and birth journey.

"A strong intention, a relaxed body and an open mind are the main ingredients for an active birth." -Janet Balaskas

I offer birth services to a maximum of 4 families at a time. Space is limited. If you are not ready to book my services, you are welcome to call for a free consultation. 413-588-7483.

Birth, labor, delivery support for parents in Amherst MA area


Doula services for pregnancy, labor & delivery, and transition from hospital to home.

  • On call 24/7
  • Education about pregnancy, birth, infant feeding, postpartum preparation
  • Emotional and physical support during labor and delivery
  • Infant feeding support until latch is established, or first formula feeding
  • Help transitioning from hospital to home

COST: $1,200

What if you could....feel confidence in yourself as a parent, in your choices and actions

"Martha was absolutely vital to our process. She provided amazing support, sound advice, and a sense of calm and comfort that helped us through our journey."

-Ryan P